Wednesday, February 18, 2009

80's Cartoons are THE BEST - Part 1, The Super-Ultra-Truly-Truly-Outrageous Girly Ones

Is it just me, or does everyone who grew up in the 80's find themselves relishing those simpler times...when tv shows depicted corny school topics and wholesome family situations, when some pop musicians could actually sing and love songs weren't all about shakin' booty, and when florescent sweatpants were cool to wear outside of the gym? I know I do...but one of my favorite things that I miss about the 80's are, without a doubt, the cartoons. And in this first part, I will talk about the girliest of the girly 80's cartoons.

First, I think most girls will agree that JEM and the Holograms was the best cartoon EVER MADE.

It was about a girl who, if alive, would have been a style icon, and was leading a double life as a rock star in a band. Everything in it was pink, sparkly, and ultra girly. Basically it's the Hannah Montana of the 80's.

Such Great Heights

Then we have my second favorite...Rainbow Brite. It's a sickeningly sweet colorful feast of rainbows...what's not to like?

I have always wanted to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween...
...but this one's a little skanklicious for my taste.

This one is much better. And you gotta love the wig!

by PhriendlyK8 at>

And what about CareBears?? I used to sometimes wake up at 5am on school days to watch it on my 13 inch Toshiba with wood panels. Oh yes. That's how much I liked CareBears. But I didn't always wake up in time...I'm not a freak.

See? Even guys like Care Bears. or at least they do when there's a beer-in-hand.

by Ricardo.Martins

And then there's My Little Pony. I didn't watch it as much as some people did, but I can appreciate the girly appeal. More pink and purple and sparkles and rainbows.

Now, I think it's pretty obvious that I like girly things and I like talking about girly things. But even I have my limits...and I think I'm starting to understand why I didn't watch My Little Pony. I was scared my bedroom would end up like this...

by goldberg

I like girly CHIC not girly FREAK.

But anyway...did you think I'd forget about Strawberry Shortcake?? I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe it's just because I'm such a foodie and love desserts....because I actually didn't watch this show so much either. But I adore the character. I was going to link to the original opening, but I just couldn't resist posting this new Spanish version (tee hee)...

And there's one final ultra-girly one I like....but it's not very well known. It's called Rose Petal Place. And it was a cartoon movie and there was a book too...but I don't know about a tv show. They may have made a series out of it...I'm not sure...I was kid...cut me some slack, here. But was great. There were these flower people and each character was a different beautiful flower and they each had a diamond on them or something...

Ok so I don't remember it that well...but I was AWESOME.

Stay Tuned for Part Deux of "80's Cartoons are THE BEST"....


  1. I love your post about girly 80's cartoons, but I've been waiting for part 2! Aside from lovely lady locks, punky brewster (the cartoon), and sherah is there?

  2. awesome! I love that you included Rose Petal Palace. You'll be getting lots of hits now with everyone doing Google Image searches to change their facebook pictures.

  3. Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't posted anything in over a year!! I sorta gave up on this blog and thought there was no way anyone was reading it, but I'm happy to know that 2 people did. :) I am going to deliver on Part 2 and post some new stuff soon! Maybe a new round of Christmas lights...after all, 'tis the season...