Monday, December 20, 2010

80's Cartoons are THE BEST - Part 2, Other Awesomely Awesome Ones

Hello!! To anyone actually reading this silly girly blog, it has been over a year since I last posted. I sorta gave it up; I've never been good at the whole consistent diary writing sort of thing and so it's not surprising that I wasn't consistent with this, I suppose. But then again, this is more about me rambling and listing random frilly funny shit. Lists...I like lists. That's really what this is.

But anyway, now I'm back with renewed energy and spirit for cats and glittery things! As promised, and long overdue, here is Part 2 of my favorite 80's girly cartoons. Some aren't really even that girly, but they are memorable and fun and I'm a that's the explanation you'll get. Ha!

Ok, let's start this off right with POPPLES. YES...that's right, Popples. Those creepy furry alien transformable cartoon/toys that plunge their entire bodies into a potato sack made from their own butt skin. What a weird concept that was. But I sure did love them! (Although I always struggled to successfully convert them from a full-bodied creature to a compacted popple...I guess I was a weak little kid.)

This next one will take you back. DuckTales. I used to watch this cartoon every day after school. It's not particularly girly, but I always loved the money bin....haha!

And now for some Earth - Fire - Wind - Water - Heart...GOOOOO PLANET!


And then there's Muppet Babies. Waka waka waka....Fozzie Bear is the best.

I couldn't have a list of great 80's cartoons without mentioning Scooby Doo. I used to watch this at 5am before school. Yeah. You heard me. I liked cartoons. I was a weird kid. Who didn't sleep apparently.

...and for all you crazy kids who enjoy recreational bouncing, enjoy:

Of course, there are sooooooo many more that I could name. The Jetsons, Beetlejuice, Paddington Bear, Smurfs....but I'll leave you with this one:

When people first saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit, every girl wanted to be Jessica Rabbit (and their boyfriends wanted to be with her). Or maybe every girl just wanted to own her dress! Let's see if we can find a good homemade version...

hehe...maybe not.

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